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Keep Walking...

Pulse Check - Part 2 For this week, we will take a look back at a special and fitting conversation with Dr. Charles Stanley.  In the following excerpt, Dr. Stanley reminds us to keep walking!


How do you view your life? Is it an exciting challenge filled with contentment and joy? Or does it feel more like a ditch that has you trapped and struggling? Our Creator gives each person the specific gifts, abilities, and circumstances necessary to live according to His purpose (Heb. 13:21). Sadly, many people drift through life without taking hold of God’s terrific plan for them. Instead, they try to manufacture their own pleasure, not realizing that the Almighty’s best is where true fulfillment is found. Unfortunately, there are also many saved individuals who walk with the heavenly Father for a time but then get off track. This happens for a variety of reasons. Some become fainthearted and lose the desire to persevere through challenging circumstances. For others, worldly ideas and goals become distractions—or perhaps certain people influence them to lose focus. Sports, hobbies, or simply busyness can also cause a believer’s heart to stray from Christ. No matter what the cause, any life separated from the only true anchor—Jesus—is in danger. God offers believers a full life in Him. But the Bible teaches that Christians will not thrive if they live apart from God’s Word, His principles, and an ever-deepening relationship with Him (John 10:10; John 14:6). Are you walking closely with Jesus? Or have the cares of life entangled you? Pray for wisdom as you consider these questions. And if anything besides God holds first place in your heart, ask Him to help you surrender it to Him. Then commit to pray, read the Word, and obey. (In Touch Ministries, August 2017 Oh, princesses of faith...remember  Prayer “empowers and ‘charges up’ every other piece so they can be used effectively against the enemy.  Without prayer…  your armor, cannot, will not, be infused with the power that only God’s-Spirit can give." Closing Thoughts- 📷Know that through the Holy Spirit you can:do things you couldn't;feel things you didn't; andknow things you wouldn't.📷 NEW GO! PLAYLIST....For your praise and worship:GO! 11/13/17New feature, contains a playlist of songs and Books of the Bible (from Bible Project) for your praise and worship time.Housekeeping:Week 5 Online=>This Week- November 14;Week 5 FTF => - November 21Remember, each day is an opportunity for us to... Lead, Serve and GO!

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