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The Hero, The Villian, The Lot

"Our destiny is tied to our history" (B. Moore)

The Whole Megillah- Continued

Let's GO!...

Ephesians 6:18 tells us that praying at all times in the Spirit, will infuse the armor and through the Holy Spirit we will be given the strength we need to be the ambassadors (warrior princesses) to fulfill our ministry He has called us to for this time; this season.

Hello Princesses!

The change in weather in Ohio has us all turning on the heat, looking for sweaters and just enjoying the beautiful fall season. By now you should be well into Chapter 3. Any PURIM highlights P (parties); U (unknowns); R (rescues); I (ironies); and M (moments)? If not, take a look below.

See you at GO!

October 23, 2018

Stark Library - Innovation Center

6:00 pm- 8:00 pm

1. The Megillah- Chapter 3 Recap

The Pur => lot

Chapter 3 ~ The Megillah





In most stories, there is always a protagonist (hero) and antagonist (villain). Chapter 3 clearly identifies both. In fact, the line in the sand is officially drawn. If you were on the fence about the characters, clearly in Chapter 3 you are compelled to choose. For starters...

Heroes- Mordecai; Esther

Villains- Haman; King Ahasuerus

In the 2004 movie "Mean Girls", teenager Cady Heron experiences high school and gets a quick lesson on the cruel, unwritten rules of popularity and cliques. The movie, now a Broadway musical, is based Rosalind Wiseman's 2002 non-fiction self-help book, "Queen Bees and Wannabes", which describes female high school social cliques and the damaging effects they can have on girls. Years ago, I had an opportunity to meet Rosalind to discuss her book. In our discussion, we talked about our own middle and high school years as compared to today's students.

Our summary...the drama, the emotional roller-coaster, the DRAMA! Most of the middle and high school woes centered around insecurities and girls and boys alike in search of being their own person. Needless to say, if you were to ask most people if they wouldn't mind going back in time to live out their middle and even high school years again, most would not rank this experience as their top of the "must do again" list!

In all, what starts out as a mean guy situation in Esther 3, turns into a deadly, egotistical plan where the antagonist declares...

"to destroy, to kill, and to annihilate all the Jews, both young and old, little children and women, in one day, on the thirteenth day of the twelfth month, which is the month of Adar, and to plunder their possessions".

The year is now 12 years into King Ahasuerus' reign and the 5th year of Esther's queenship.

Ego-- One "yes" man is elevated. Haman is appointed as the king's right hand and all must bow to him. All except ONE- Mordecai.

Mordecai was a leader among the Jewish people in Susa. To bow would have meant idolatry.

There are always those that egg on the crowd and are looking to stir the pot.

Meanness and Annihilation (Revelation 9:11)

The root of meanness is insecurity and history.

It’s tough being a woman in a mean world. ~ B. Moore

Insecurity in ego (Haman was an extremely proud and insecure man; only a success if others thought he was a success)

History- Haman was a descendant of Agag, who was the king of the Amalekites (a sworn enemy of the Israelites for generations) Exodus 17:14-16; 1 Samuel 15

The so-called disrespect led to a loss of control and an emotional nightmare.

The Pur, Timing, Hope, and Irony

"Pur" - Persian for "lot".

In a "pur", lots are thrown or shaken.

For Haman, they cast the pur to determine the "day" of the Jewish massacre. The Pur is cast on the 1st month of Nisan (Hebrew month) and the month the deadly act was determined by lot to happen on the 13th day of Adar ~12th month (Hebrew month).

BUT GOD ~ He guides and sees all.

Proverbs 16:33- The lot is cast into the lap, but its every decision is from the LORD.

Timing is everything ~ the edict of the news was written on the 13th day of Nisan, delivery began on the 14th day of Nisan, the same day that the Israelites would begin to celebrate Passover.

Passover- a widely celebrated Jewish holiday symbolic for the children of Israel's exodus from Egypt, a time of remembrance and hope.

A Plan, Decree, and Celebration?

Painting a clever argument and playing upon the insecurities of King Ahasuerus, the dye is cast. (See, GO! Praise and Worship "Haman's Song")

Blank approval: Without asking all the key questions, King Ahasuerus grants his full approval and support. In fact, he waived taking a hefty share for the royal bank.

They celebrate while the death sentences are delivered.

The citizens of Susa are confused as some of the people directly affected are their neighbors, co-workers, and friends.

Timing and Waiting

11 months and counting

Chapter 3- Over the generations; Meanness has survival skills; an Edict without all the facts; an Enemy of the State is declared; Injury and Insult; a People of Hope and Waiting. Now, What?

Oh, princesses of faith...remember

Prayerempowers and ‘charges up’ every other piece so they can be used effectively against the enemy. Without prayer… your armor, cannot, will not, be infused with the power that only God’s-Spirit can give."

Closing Thoughts-

Know that through the Holy Spirit you can:

· do things you couldn't;

· feel things you didn't; and

· know things you wouldn't.

GO! PLAYLIST...For your praise and worship: GO! 10/22/18- New feature, contains a playlist of songs and Books of the Bible (from Bible Project) for your praise and worship time.


· Please tell a friend. There's still time to join in!

See you at GO!

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