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The Patriarchs: Encountering the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob

August 12, 2019

Good Morning Princesses!

The Patriarchs: Encountering the God of Abraham,

Issac, and Jacob

Mikra ~ "that which is read"

Let's GO!...


Ephesians 6:18 tells us that praying at all times in the Spirit, will infuse the armor and through the Holy Spirit we will be given the strength we need to be the ambassadors (warrior princesses) to fulfill our ministry He has called us to for this time; this season.

Good Morning Princesses!

Just a few questions to ponder this week:

- Have you ever completed a crossword puzzle?

- Have you ever played the game Scrabble?

- Have you ever wondered about the origins of some of the books in the Bible, specifically the Old Testament?

Why all the questions you ask? Sorry, just another question (smile)! Well, they are not random questions, but they are somewhat related.

For crossword puzzles, you sometimes must know the origin of the word to complete the puzzle. Moreover, to complete a word on the Scrabble game board, you may need to know the meaning of the word as you are making your triple word score!

So for today, we are going to take a step back in time to look at the origins of the scrolls, better known by some as "TaNak".

1. TaNak ~ The Scrolls

According to the New World Encyclopedia, the scrolls that make up the TaNak carry both the history and foundation of the Bible.

Tanak is an acronym for the Hebrew Bible consisting of the initial Hebrew letters (T + N + K) of each of the text's three major parts. The major portions of the Hebrew Bible represented by these three letters are:

Torah meaning "Instruction" or "Law"; "The five books of Moses." Also called the "Pentateuch." The Torah is often referred to as the law of the Jewish people.

Nevi'im meaning "Prophets." This term is associated with anything to do with the prophets.

Ketuvim meaning "Writings." This part of the TaNak is further separated into different sections including a group of history books, wisdom books, poetry books, and psalms.

The "Tanak" is not only sacred scripture for the Jews but is also considered by Christians to be divinely inspired.

Take a look at this week's playlist for an overview of the TaNak.

2. Introducing Our 2019-20 Study...

Exciting news!!! The GO! website is being launched in stages this upcoming season. First off the press is our upcoming Bible Study, The Patriarchs. Take a look at our page and please feel free to share: GO! 2019-20 WSG Bible Study ~ The Patriarchs.

Oh, princesses of faith...remember 

Prayerempowers and ‘charges up’ every other piece so they can be used effectively against the enemy.  Without prayer…  your armor, cannot, will not, be infused with the power that only God’s-Spirit can give."

Closing Thoughts-


Know that through the Holy Spirit you can:

do things you couldn't;

feel things you didn't; and

know things you wouldn't.

📷 GO! PLAYLIST...For your praise and worship:

GO! 8/12/19New feature, contains a playlist of songs for your praise and worship time.



Save the date, we resume GO! Bible Studies on Tuesday, September 10, 2019, at the Stark Library (Main) from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm.

Looking to purchase the member study guide now? Take a look at the following sites:

LifeWay- $15.99;

Remember, each day is an opportunity for us to...Lead, Serve and GO!  


Each day we have an opportunity to be the light and salt God has called us to be to others.  Matthew 5:13-16 (NIV)


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